Samsara Massage

Made for kings and queens. The double massage develops in a specially prepared environment with aromatic bath of Jacuzzi. The session and held in the couple, in which the therapist guides and leads one to touch the other, with Tantric touches, making one interact with the other, through Tantric techniques: breathing, contact, coziness, soft touches. Discover the potential of the divine, love and ecstasy. Present your partner on a journey of exploration and pleasure.

Two Hands
90 minutes €300
Four hands
90 minutes €550

Tantric Massage

From India, with slow, soft and subtle touches. NURU TANTRIC MASSAGE Discover this millennial technique. Providing an immense wellbeing, physical, mental and emotional with intense relaxation and pleasure. The technique applied and elaborated with sensuality and harmony, bringing a well-being and an amazing and pleasurable sensation. The energy that travels through your body will be especially erogenous and will help you reach the supreme level of Nirvana. Give yourself to NURU TANTRIC MASSAGE.

Two Hands
90 minutes €230
Four hands
90 minutes €360

Sensitive Massage

Our Sensitive massage is the beginning of your Tantric journey. We execute them with light fingertip touches, sensitizing the whole body including the parts more asleep. Throughout the massage an incredible electric discharge will spread throughout the body, expanding the perception and the sensitivity, taking the person to a deeply pleasurable and meditative state. The body´s response is almost immediate and reflexes will be generated, causing sensations like chills and goose bumps. Indulge yourself to our SENSITIVE MASSAGE

Two Hands
60 / 90 Minutes €150 / 200
Four hands
60 / 90 minutes €300 / 500

Nuru Massage

The Nuru massage, originating from Japan is a mixture of extremely exotic sensations that provides unique moments of extreme pleasure. Applied with a gel made 100% of organic algae based on water. At NURU the masseuse will glide over your body making the body to body massage starting with slower touches, progressing in the course of the massage making it more intense. Free yourself! Feel on the skin that emotion, get involved in our NURU massage.

Two Hands
60 Minutes €180
Four hands
60 Minutes €350

Venus Massage

The traditional YONI massage and a unique and fantastic experience for women. This millennial tantric massage helps to unleash many tensions in a wonderful and invigorating way, ideal for recovering and exploring your intimacy. Break your taboos and surrender to our VENUS massage.

Two Hands
Traditional: 60 Minutes €150
Naturist: 60 Minutes €180
Four hands
Traditional: 60 Minutes €320
Naturist: 60 Minutes €400

Fetish Massage

Strong touch, delicate caresses convey very intense sensations. All this always with great pleasure, our FETISH massage was designed to achieve Nirvana blending the pleasure of massage with accessories, feathers, candles and clothes. It is a massage for the most daring, those who really want to be amazed by this world. Free yourself.

Two Hands
90 / 120 minutes €200 / 280
Four hands
90 / 120 minutes €400 / 560

Eros Massage

His stimulus begins with the pectoral descending to the thighs and centralizing in the LINGAM. This millennial tantric massage helps to unleash many tensions in a wonderful and invigorating way. Ideal for recovering and exploring your intimacy. Break your taboos and give yourself the EROS massage. Unique and fantastic experience for men.

Two Hands
60 Minutes €150
Four hands
60 Minutes €320

Nobu Massage

Anti-stress massage, highly relaxing. The massage is made from the candles, which are heated until they enter into a liquid state. Then watered by the body along with massage maneuvers with gliding and compressions. In this treatment, the cosmetic candle is always used in a temperature around 38 to 39°c, which makes the technique enjoyable and pleasurable at any time of the year. Finalizing with a Jacuzzi bath and essential oils, in a mixture of total pleasure and relaxation.

Two Hands
90 minutes €250
Four hands
90 minutes €520

Tantric Shower

Pleasure and intensity, literally stripped of prejudice. Tantric Shower a sensual evolution bath.
Allow yourself… Free yourself…

60 Minutes €150

Relaxing Massage

It is a technique applied with gentle movements using only the hands in the musculature of the body. During the massage are used vegetable oils that help the execution of always continuous movements, maintaining a specific rhythm to stimulate the production of hormones responsible for relaxation.

30 minutes €100
60 Minutes €150

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